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Due February 28, 2023.


Form submission


We will receive an allotment of tickets for the 2023 Bayreuth Festival. Please register your interest in tickets as soon as possible, but no later than February 28, 2023.



Due February 28, 2023.

Form submission


Register Your Request for 2023 Bayreuth Tickets Now

The Wagner Society of Washington DC is pleased to open registration, putting you in line for access to tickets to the 2023 Bayreuth Festival.

We plan to make available a package of tickets for performances from Sunday, August 20, 2023, through Saturday, August 26, 2023 including performances of six operas:

· The new, Jay Schieb production of Parsifal, featuring the role (and Bayreuth) debut of Joseph Calleja

· The complete Valentin Schwarz Ring cycle, which premiered last year:

o Das Rheingold

o Die Walküre

o Siegfried

o Götterdämmerung

· The final offering of Tobias Kratzer’s production of Tannhäuser

 If you would like to be considered for tickets, we need you to register your interest now. Please do so no later than February, 28, 2023, by completing the form here.

This registration is not binding upon you. You will not be asked for a firm commitment until specific tickets can be offered to you. However, the date of your registration may impact our ability to fulfill your wishes.

Once our allocation of tickets is finalized, orders will be filled in the order of registration, with priority given based on years in membership in the Wagner Society of Washington DC, and level and support.

Please register your interest today to maximize your chances of making your dream of attending the Bayreuth Festival a reality.


The Fine Print:


We cannot guarantee ticket availability until the Festival Box Office completes the society’s order. (The box office has stated it will confirm with us by April 15, 2023.)

And as the Richard-Wagner-Verband-International President Rainer Fineske has assured us, our offer “gives you and your members a high degree of planning security for your travel and hotel arrangements … Last year we were very fortunate that all [Verband] members could be served from the allocation,” including to the Wagner Society of Washington DC.

Firm pricing cannot be quoted until the Festival Box Office completes the society’s order. We  have requested prime seating for all performances. Based on the  currency exchange rate at the time of this notice and depending on the  seating areas assigned by Bayreuth, the six-opera package could be as  low as $1,100 (US) or as high as high as $2,625 (US). It will probably  fall somewhere in between.

[This pricing includes a 10% surcharge, reduced from the 15% the WSWDC  has charged in prior years, and which does not cover the expenses  undertaken by the WSWDC to make these tickets available to our members.]

Membership in the Wagner Society of Washington DC is required to secure tickets through this offer. If you are not already a member, we urge you to join now. Qualifying new memberships will be accepted up until firm orders can be placed.

The offer is for one six-ticket package. Single opera requests cannot be accepted at this time. The bundle was designed specifically to allow you see the most operas in the shortest duration of stay.

This offering is for Festival tickets only. Travel and hotel arrangements are the obligation of the ticketholder.

Your registration is non-binding. However, it is necessary for you register to secure your place in line once specific ticket offers can be made to you.

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