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Geoffrey Riggs: The Great Heldentenors

October 18, 2021

The authoritative author and lecturer Geoffrey Riggs considers the Heldentenor, a term that characterizes the great Wagner tenors. What is a Heldentenor, how do they differ from “ordinary” tenors, and why are they prominent in Wagner. Mr. Riggs is author of The Assoluta Voice in Opera, 1797 –1847. Mr. Riggs has written and lectured widely on opera; in June, he presented a webinar on “Singing Lohengrin” as part of WSWDC’s Wagner Virtual Weekends. Together with his wife, Elizabeth Hubbell Riggs, he manages the website, a comprehensive source of information about opera broadcasts on the internet.

Male Performer on Stage
Geoffrey Riggs: The Great Heldentenors: Event
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